Q: How do I Plant Plants/Trees Properly?




Plants & Shrubs

  1. Start with a hole that is at least twice the size of the pot or ball of soil.
  2. Take the plant out of the pot and measure it in the hole, dig or add soil to the right height. You don’t want to plant it any deeper than it has already been planted in the pot.
  3. Add Organic Matter and bone meal to the hole. Organic Matter helps to retain moisture and nutrients. Bone meal will help with development of roots.
  4. Before planting, be sure to cut tangled or girdling roots.
  5. Set the plant in the hole and fill the hole a few inches of soil at a time, lightly packing after each layer.
  6. Add Mulch if wanted.
  7. Water plants regularly for the first season after planting.

Trees planted May 1-30 will survive best, but planting from September 1-October 15 can also be successful.



  1. Dig the tree well 6-8″ (15-20cm) wider and deeper than the root ball size.
  2. Place the tree at a depth so that the top of the root ball is even with the ground, and firm the soil around the roots to the top of the tree well, making sure the tree is straight.
  3. Stake the tree and water thoroughly using 15 gallons (68 litres) of water per 1″ (2.5cm) of trunk diameter, measured 12″ (30cm) from the ground.



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