Q: How far apart should I plant my trees?




When deciding how far apart your trees should be planted, the adult size of the tree needs to be considered. You also need to decide how much intergrowth of the trees you desire. Here are some examples of planting distances for popular trees in this area:

  • Silver Maple: 10-15 Meters
  • American Elm: 10-15 Meters
  • Linden: 6-11 Meters
  • Birch: 6-11 Meters
  • Mountain Ash: 6-11 Meters
  • Flowering Crab Apple: 6-11 Meters
  • Scot’s Pine: 4-11 Meters
  • Colorado Spruce: 4-11 Meters
  • Poplar (Columnar, Swedish Aspen): 4-9 Meters


There are other factors that must be considered when deciding how far apart you can plant your trees. These are set distances from certain objects that are set by the city, and must be adhered to when placing a tree:

  • Distance from corner: 7.5 Meters
  • Distance from light poles: 3.5 Meters
  • Distance from fire hydrants: 3.5 Meters
  • Distance from stop/yield signs: 3.5 Meters
  • Distance from bus stops: 3.5 Meters
  • Distance from other signs: 2 Meters
  • Distance from driveway/sidewalk: 2 Meters
  • Distance from utilities-underground: 1 Meter



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