Q: How much Mulch will I need for my shrub bed?



For most applications in residential landscaping, 75mm (3″) is sufficient for Mulching beds. To ascertain how much mulch product your project will require, you will need to take some measurements. The first task is to find out the area of your shrub bed (in square feet). To do this multiply the length by the width of the bed. Then take that area measurement and divide by 100. This will give you the amount of mulch in cubic yards that will cover your shrub bed with a 75mm (3″) depth.


Wood/Bark Mulch is great around trees and shrubs, perennials and small fruits. They are not recommended in vegetable or annual flower beds where the soil is routinely cultivated to prepare a seed bed.

There is a wide variety of wood and bark chips available for mulching. Wood chips have the advantage that they decompose faster enriching the soil. Bark chips decompose slower, requiring less frequent replenishment. Primary selection is based on desired appearance and cost. Wood/bark chip mulch is great for trees and shrubs protecting trees from lawnmower damage. However do not make “mulch volcanoes” around tree trunks by applying chips up against a tree trunk. Wet chips up against the trunk can cause bark decaying problems and interfere with the natural trunk taper. Keep the mulch back at least 6″ from the tree trunk.


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