Q: What are some shrubs that offer good fall colour?



There are a number of great shrubs that offer good fall colour. When choosing shrubs one should also decide on the height, spread and sun requirement for the Plant.



- Burning Bush turns a bright red in fall and some have interesting fruit capsules that will only add to the fall interest. (Turkestan Burning Bush).

- Cotoneaster shrubs are known for their scarlet foliage in fall, often used in hedges.

- Cranberry shrubs can give a wide range of fall colour, varying from yellow to red to reddish-purple. (American Highbush Cranberry).

- Currents and blackberries stand out in the fall when the leaves turn reddish bronze in fall (Golden Current).

- Dogwoods have a wide variety of leaf colours that offer great colour all year round. Some offer excellent red fall colour (Red Osier Dogwood) while some have variegated foliage (Golden Variegated Dogwood) all year round.

- Nanking Cherry has orange-red foliage in fall.

- Nannyberry is attractive through summer turning purplish red in fall.

- Serviceberry is one of the best shrubs for fall colour, with leaves turning bronze-red.

- Spirea bushes add more to the landscape, changing to red and purple colours in the fall.

- Sumac adds unique foliage texture as well as bright red-burgundy leaves in fall.

- Wayfaring Tree (more like a shrub) foliage turns bright red-purple in fall .



- Ash trees have dense leaflets that turn gold in fall. Ash trees turn colour about two weeks before most other trees.

- Aspen are a good source of yellow fall foliage.

- Birch trees, with beautiful white bark and rich yellow fall colour, are a good addition to the landscape.

- Elm(American Elm) dark green leaves turn yellow in fall.

- Hawthorn will display great yellow to reddish-gold with a long warm fall. Other years it remains green until the leaves fall.

- Maples offer brilliant yellow to red fall colour.

- Ohio Buckeye have large fan-shaped foliage turning orange in fall. Adding interest is the prickly nut like fruit.

- Pin Cherry have a brilliant orange colour in fall.

- Larch have bright green deciduous needles through summer turning yellow-orange in fall.



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