Q: When should I fertilize my new sod?




A starter fertilizer can be applied directly to the soil before laying the sod. This fertilizer is high in Phosphorus (the middle number in the ratio 21-27-5) and will help in establishing the root systems. A great product for a starter fertilizer is Keg River Starter Fertilizer. A 6.5kg package of Keg River Starter Fertilizer will cover 433 square meters (4650 square feet). Be sure to use a broadcaster fertilizer spreader and to apply the fertilizer evenly, as opposed to a ‘drop’ spreader type which can result in uneven distribution. (Follow the directions on the package).

After about four to six weeks, you can start a regular fertilizing program with a product that has a higher Nitrogen ratio (the first number in the ratio), such as Keg River Ultra Lawn Food (29-4-6). This type of fertilizer will help your lawn in a number of ways:

  • - Promote a lush green lawn
  • - Formulated to prevent surge growth and burning of grass
  • - Enhanced with micro-nutrients to provide a healthier lawn
  • - Provides growth from the roots up.

This 8kg package will cover 465 square meters (5000 square feet). Continue this program until mid August.

In September an application can be done of high potassium fertilizer (12-8-16) to help prepare your lawn for the winter months.


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