Q: How many rolls of Sod will I need for my yard?



The first thing to do is measure the length and width of the area you wish to cover with sod (in square feet). You may find it necessary to separate your yard into smaller, simple geometric shapes to assist in your measurements. After calculating the total area in square feet, divide by 10. This will give you the number of rolls of sod you will need. If you prefer to calculate in square metres, one square metre is equivalent to 10.76 square feet. Add 10% of the total for cutting around beds and mistakes.

We receive fresh sod each day. It is sold on a first come, first served basis. You may purchase any amount of sod by the roll, and we are available to load your vehicle. There are 70 rolls of sod per pallet and you can take the pallets with a refundable deposit. Refund will be granted with return of pallet and your receipt.

Sod can also be delivered right to your house. With an order over 1400 square feet, the delivery is free within Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Beaumont. For outlying areas additional delivery charges may apply. Call ahead to get your sod delivered.

Here at Classic Landscapes we supply the highest quality sod, available by the roll: 2ft by 5ft (10 square feet).


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