Kindness Begins With Me

Feed a small seed and it grows into a tree

With little effort a part of it you’ll be

Passed on and on soon everyone will see…


To highlight a positive sense of community, provide a higher level of service and care to our customers and each other, Classic Landscapes has chosen “Kindness Begins With Me” as our company slogan for 2013.  We are emphasizing this motto with our employees and encouraging a focus on this inspirational principle in all of our customer relationships and beyond.

As a natural way to extend the reach of this initiative, and as a weekly reminder that action is the key to sincerity, one random employee a week from each of Classic Landscape Centre, Ellerslie Gift & Garden, and the Classic Tree Farm will be given a $25 gift card to hand out to a customer. Our simple encouragement will be that the person receiving this gift look for an opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ – anytime, anyplace – and participate in spreading goodwill to another.

Our wish is that through a few small acts of kindness, many more positive experiences will follow.  We couldn’t think of a better way to illustrate our slogan and a natural desire to pay it forward… showing that Kindness Begins With Me… and never ends!