Lights, Camera, Action!

Robin Marsden - Saturday, May 26, 2018


‘Lights, Camera, Action!’


BY: Perry Stothart






A common refrain on any Hollywood movie set meant to draw intention to the beginning of a scene, and a call to pay attention. Does your landscaping draw attention to your home, does it exude curb appeal, and add to the overall value of your home?


If the answer is no, there is still hope.


The inherent truth of landscaping and rejuvenating any property is the fact that you can start anytime, and now is as good a time as any. We are all busy and have various amounts of discretionary time and dollars to spend. Oftentimes working in the yard seems more of a chore than a pleasure, a ‘must-do’ instead of a ‘want-to-do.’ I get it. I really do. My experience has shown that the number one thing people express is the desire for a low maintenance yard. We all want our landscapes to look great, but without the need to spend many hours each week, pulling, raking, and tweezing on our hands and knees.


How do you get started?


There is an old adage about ‘seeing the end from the beginning.’ I believe for the vast majority of us this is the most difficult principle to grasp, and the one that keeps us from taking that first step towards landscape improvements. It can be confusing, and perhaps even intimidating, with so many choices out there. We don’t need to allow a lack of knowledge of various plants and landscaping techniques to inhibit our success, however having a good plan from the start will go a long way to overcoming the paralysis of procrastination.



Let’s waste a lot of time and money… or… let’s not.

This is where a landscape design can help. A plan put to paper (or computer) by collaborating with a landscape designer is a great foundation for any project. There are a few benefits of going this route from the outset.


Firstly, you get direct access to experienced, creative individuals, who know not only basic design principles but also how to incorporate functionality into any living space. Huge advancements in 3-D designs and programs may also provide the perfect way to visualize the complete vision. Secondly, you have something to work towards if you are tackling the project yourself. This allows you the ability to properly stage the project as time and budget allow while minimizing duplication of resources, and ultimately maximizing your very valuable efforts. It also gives you a framework to share with professional contractors, and get a few quotes, if you decide that you’d rather hire someone to complete your dream. One of the biggest challenges when speaking with various contractors is the comfort of knowing that what they are quoting is in line with your expectations. Sharing a solid landscape plan as the basis for any estimate really allows you to compare ‘apples to apples’ when selecting your contractor. And lastly, designs aren’t written in stone. If you want to make changes or adjustments as things move along, that is always an option, but in principle, the time you put into a great design plan may help minimize any backtracking or construction delays.


Let there be Joy.


I’ve been asked my expert opinion thousands of times over the years, and I always enjoy the opportunity to relate to people powered by the thrill of beautifying a yard, or any outdoor space. However, I have said many times, and truly believe, your opinion matters the most. What do you like? Does purple make you smile? Does that particular shrub or flower jump out at you and hold your gaze? You may not know its name, how big it grows, or whether it will thrive in full sunshine, but it doesn’t matter. You like it, and that’s enough. It brings you joy, and that is really the whole point, no? Once a plant grabs your eye and makes your mind smile we can incorporate it somewhere into your space because smiling while in your space after a long day at work is a really good thing.


It’s all about You, as it should be.

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