Pond Myths

Karen Schiltz - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Predators will eat all your fish

There will always be predators, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fish. Give your fish a place to hide, having plenty of lilies and possibly cave structures. 


Rocks and gravel make it harder to clean

Rocks and gravel actually help the cleanliness of the pond. Beneficial bacteria colonize on the rough surfaces of the rocks. This bacteria breaks down the fish waste and debris that would normally collect on the bottom.


You have to bring fish in for winter

Fish do fine in the coldest of winters. Fish hibernate and become more active when the water warms in the spring. As long as the water is 2 feet or deeper keep a hole in the water with a bubbler to oxygenate the water and escape gasses that get trapped under the ice.


A pond means more mosquitoes

Generally mosquitoes lay eggs in still water. If they do hatch the fish will have a tasty treat, the rest will be caught in the skimmer.


You can’t have a pond where there are a lot of trees

Yes, you will have more leaves in your pond, but the shade offered helps minimize algae bloom. If you have a skimmer it will catch the floating leaves in a net.


Its okay to use chemicals

Chemicals are used for quick fixes but it is always better for the pond to be naturally balanced.


It is good to have a pond in the lowest part of the yard

This is probably the worst location. Run-off from the yard collects at this spot and often contains fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides,which could harm fish and plants. Also, the lowest spot is usually the farthest away from your house. You might want to think of putting it closer to the house so that it can be enjoyed.


You can use a timer on the pond

The water should always be moving, this adds oxygen to the water help fish and bacteria. If anything is on a timer, it should be the decorative lights.


You should drain and clean the pond regularly

If you don’t set up your system properly there are related problems. If you are working with mother nature you should only clean it out once. This is best in the spring before the weather gets warm and the bacteria starts to set-up.


The more filtration the better

You can over filter a pond by cleaning out every little particle. Little particles are healthy for the pond. Water can still be clean with small particles. Fish don’t like living in drinking water.


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