Synthetic Turf

Karen Schiltz - Monday, March 18, 2013

Landscaping with EZ-grass provides you with a beautiful lawn. Eliminating the time for seeding, mowing, watering, weeding and seasonal maintenance that comes with natural grass frees you up to enjoy more time for other things in life. Ez-grass synthetic grasses can be installed anywhere grass won’t grow or you don’t want to mow. You can choose to install the grass on your own or hire the work, in any case we can help.


Base Construction:

  1. First place a 4″depth of road crush( 3/4″ size) compacted.
  2. Place a 1″ thick of 1/4″ limestone on top as a levelling layer.
  3. Compact area to make as smooth as possible.


Turf Installation:

  1. Place a layer of landscape fabric (overlap seams) on top of limestone.
  2. Roll the ez-grass out on top of your constructed base.
  3. Make sure to have the grain of the fibres on each roll of turf running in the same direction.



  1. Place 6″ landscape spikes approx. 6″ apart along seam.
  2. Pull fibres away from head to hide spikes.


Infill Installation:

  1. A drop spreader should be used to spread the manufactured sand top dressing
  2. (max. 1/2″ in depth)
  3. The fibres should then be brushed upright with a power broom. Secure Edges.



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