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Karen Schiltz - Monday, March 18, 2013

Weedex Dandelion Bar is a weed killer that contains 2,4-D for the control of a wide range of turf weeds including plantain, dandelions, legumes. For best results apply 1 to 3 days after mowing grass and mow the lawn 3 to 6 days after first application. Use in 18 – 27 degrees Celsius temperatures. Wind, rain and lawn watering will not affect the treatment. Apply during active growing season. Repeat application procedure after second mowing. This product is only effective when applied to the leaves of actively growing weeds.



Roundup has no soil activity and will not leach or run off to affect nearby vegetation. Plants must be present to be controlled. This product is a non-selective vegetation control herbicide which controls most annual and perennial grasses, including lawn grasses, broadleaf weeds and brush. As a systematic herbicide, it is absorbed by the leaves and moves throughout stem and roots to control the entire plant . Visible symptoms of control, such as browning or yellowing of leaves, will occur within 1-2 days. For best results, to ensure that Roundup gets down to the roots, avoid tillage or disturbing the treated area for 7-10 days. This will ensure that the entire plant, including the root, is eliminated. Rain or watering 2 hours after application will not wash away effectiveness. AVOID spray contact on DESIRABLE PLANTS as any plant may be killed by contact.



Killex is a product that will control over 50 varieties of lawn weeds, while leaving your lawn unharmed. It is effective when applied to the leaves of actively growing weeds. It will not prevent new weeds from producing so apply only when weeds are present.. Do not water for 24 hours. Rain within 6 hours reduces effectiveness. Spray acts within a few days and weeds gradually die. Grass will start to fill in as the weed dies. However some weeds may require up to 4 weeks for complete kill. Repeat spray after 3-4 weeks if necessary. DO NOT directly spray or allow the spray to drift onto ornamentals or flowers, shrubs, vegetable and fruit crops or exposed tree roots as this product may injure these desirable plants. Available in 709 ml container.


Weed ‘n’ Feed Fertilizer

There continue to be some misconceptions about the recent ban on Weed ‘n’ Feed granular fertilizers in the Province of Alberta. As of January 1, 2010 combination Weed 'n' Feed products were off the market in Alberta.

The herbicides previously available in combination with lawn fertilizer – are still readily available and approved for use, the only difference is they are no longer available together in the same bag. 2,4-D, mecoprop and dicamba are the three most common herbicides sold for the treatment of dandelions and other troublesome weeds in our lawn.

The advantage of these chemicals is that they provide excellent selective weed control, as they target unwanted weeds while allowing the turf grasses to grow and thrive. Some common brand names such as Killex and Weed Out, among others, are still available in concentrated or ready to use (RTU) formats. This allows for ‘spot spraying’ or targeted application of herbicide directly on the undesired weeds.

While combination weed ‘n’ feeds were effective and convenient to use, the fact is that herbicide was being applied to the ENTIRE lawn – even those areas where weeds were of no concern. Granular fertilizers alone also continue to be sold and utilized in the upkeep and care of turf. Fertilizers and herbicides can be a valuable tool for building healthy turf, however the over-application of any chemicals in a pest management or lawn care program is best avoided, and this move by Alberta Environment is another step in regulating the responsible use of pesticides in our neighbourhoods. Here is the link to the release from Alberta Environment including a list of the fertilizer-herbicide products affected by the ban:


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