What is MYKE?

What is MYKE and why use it?

MYKE is a growth supplement that provides the beneficial association of fungi and plant roots. It increases the plant’s uptake of water and nutrients, and enhances it’s resistance to stress and disease. Plants that have MYKE applied need less watering, show enhanced growth and flowering, establish and cover faster, resist disease better, and have a better chance of survival.

Always apply the product in contact with the roots or below seeds or Bulbs of the plant. When using a chemical fertilizer, avoid high phosphorus content. Organic or slow realease fertilizer is better. To store MYKE, avoid freezing and intense heats.

MYKE can be applied to new plants, which is ideal, or to established plants as long as it is able to reach the root system. You can’t harm a plant with too much MYKE. You only need to apply MYKE once, it will survive in the soil throughout the winter.

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