What is Dutch Elm Disease

The early symptoms of the disease appear from the latter half of June to the middle of July, when the leaves on one or more branches may wilt, droop and curl. The leaves then turn brown and usually remain on the tree. If the tree is infected later in the summer, the leaves will droop, […]

What is MYKE?

What is MYKE and why use it? MYKE is a growth supplement that provides the beneficial association of fungi and plant roots. It increases the plant’s uptake of water and nutrients, and enhances it’s resistance to stress and disease. Plants that have MYKE applied need less watering, show enhanced growth and flowering, establish and cover […]

Birch Leaf Miner

This pest can be responsible for the premature browning of birch trees. The larvae feed on the inner green tissues of the leaf, causing a discoloured spot. Feeding over several weeks causes the blemish to take on a blister-like appearance and can destroy much of the leaf. Heavy attacks repeated over several years will cause […]

Emerald Ash Borer

You may have started hearing about the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), and its dramatic effects on the population of ash trees in the East – especially Ontario and Michigan. EAB as of yet has not been observed west of Sault Ste. Marie, however pest strategies are being developed to deal with this especially lethal pest. […]

Weed Control

WeedEx Weedex Dandelion Bar is a weed killer that contains 2,4-D for the control of a wide range of turf weeds including plantain, dandelions, legumes. For best results apply 1 to 3 days after mowing grass and mow the lawn 3 to 6 days after first application. Use in 18 – 27 degrees Celsius temperatures. […]

Corona Tools

Classic Landscapes carries Corona for its reputation for quality. Professional and amateur gardeners can depend on these tools because of their heavy-duty and durable design. Corona’s proven forging technique, in its manufacturing process, eliminates weak points in the cutting edge so each tool will provide years of service. Here is a list of fine products […]

Synthetic Turf

Landscaping with EZ-grass provides you with a beautiful lawn. Eliminating the time for seeding, mowing, watering, weeding and seasonal maintenance that comes with natural grass frees you up to enjoy more time for other things in life. Just Ez-grass synthetic grasses can be installed anywhere grass won’t grow or you don’t want to mow. You […]

Lawn Fertilizers

COUNTRY GREEN Fall and Winter Lawn Fertilizer Winterizer is a Fall and Winter lawn fertilizer with a 15-0-30 ratio for Great Fall Color, quick Spring Green-up with 65% Stabilized Nitrogen for long term sustained feeding. Stabilized Nitrogen provide long-lasting, consistent delivery of nitrogen to plants, regardless of unpredictable environmental condtions, while minimizing the escape of […]

Classic Landscapes Adds Two more Arborists

All of us at Classic are pleased to share the following press release in regards to the certification of two of our employees… – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – FROM THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF ARBORICULTURE (ISA) Trevor M Flexhaug & Gregory K Patterson Earn Professional Certification as of February 23, 2012 Champaign, IL – Trevor M […]


Come join us for our weekly 30 minute episodes of ‘CLASSIC Landscaping” every Saturday morning at 8:30 am on the Team1260. We spend time on all things landscaping and gardening… everything from spring starts and turf maintenance to tree care and water features! Missed our show? No problem, simply click here for an archive of […]

Pond Myths

Predators will eat all your fish There will always be predators, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fish. Give your fish a place to hide, having plenty of lilies and possibly cave structures. Rocks and gravel make it harder to clean Rocks and gravel actually help the cleanliness of the pond. Beneficial bacteria colonize […]

Starting and Maintaining a Water Feature

Here are some factors when choosing a location for your Water features are anything that include water-Streams, waterfalls, ponds, water gardens. Utilities Remember to contact Alberta One Call To Locate underground utilities before you decide on a location. Resources Is there electricity and water close by? Make sure you have a hose long enough to […]

Lot Grading Guidelines (Residential Properties)

Lot Grading Plans have been a part of the approval process for residential properties since 1989. The plans are required for all new developments and are approved by the Drainage Services branch, of the Asset Management and Public Works Department on behalf of City Council. Lot Grading Plans include elevations, surface grades, lot type and […]

Grass Seed

Dog Patch A combination of grass seed and special granulated mulch which is formulated to naturally neutralize the nitrogen in pet urine that causes yellow spots on your lawn. AMTURF Dog Patch produces new grass anytime during the growing season. See package for directions on use. Grass Seed Classic Mix Healthy lawns are less susceptible […]


A fertilizer is any material that provides nutrients to plants. They can be classified as Organic, Chemical, Inorganic, and Soil Amendment. They contain macronutrients and micronutrients that plants need for optimum health and growth. The percentage of elements in a container of fertilizer that are immediately available, are usually expressed as the NPK(nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) The remainder […]