Synthetic Turf

Landscaping with EZ-grass provides you with a beautiful lawn. Eliminating the time for seeding, mowing, watering, weeding and seasonal maintenance that comes with natural grass frees you up to enjoy more time for other things in life. Just Ez-grass synthetic grasses can be installed anywhere grass won’t grow or you don’t want to mow. You […]

Pond Myths

Predators will eat all your fish There will always be predators, but that shouldn’t stop you from having fish. Give your fish a place to hide, having plenty of lilies and possibly cave structures. Rocks and gravel make it harder to clean Rocks and gravel actually help the cleanliness of the pond. Beneficial bacteria colonize […]

Starting and Maintaining a Water Feature

Here are some factors when choosing a location for your Water features are anything that include water-Streams, waterfalls, ponds, water gardens. Utilities Remember to contact Alberta One Call To Locate underground utilities before you decide on a location. Resources Is there electricity and water close by? Make sure you have a hose long enough to […]