What is Dutch Elm Disease

The early symptoms of the disease appear from the latter half of June to the middle of July, when the leaves on one or more branches may wilt, droop and curl. The leaves then turn brown and usually remain on the tree. If the tree is infected later in the summer, the leaves will droop, […]

When is the Best Time to Prune Trees?

As a General rule when pruning any tree remember the 3-Ds- Dead, Diseased and Damaged. This wood should be removed first then crossing or rubbing branches. Never remove more than 1/3 of the tree’s branches. Trees that flower in the spring should be pruned shortly after they are finished blooming. An example is apples. Summer […]

How To Grow Roses

Choose an appropriate planting site. Pick a location that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. Plant them away from large trees and turf areas, in order to give them ample growing space. Plant in well-drained, loose soil. A liberal incorporation of organic matter (ie. peat moss) to the area will encourage optimum growth.