What is Dutch Elm Disease

The early symptoms of the disease appear from the latter half of June to the middle of July, when the leaves on one or more branches may wilt, droop and curl. The leaves then turn brown and usually remain on the tree. If the tree is infected later in the summer, the leaves will droop, […]

Birch Leaf Miner

This pest can be responsible for the premature browning of birch trees. The larvae feed on the inner green tissues of the leaf, causing a discoloured spot. Feeding over several weeks causes the blemish to take on a blister-like appearance and can destroy much of the leaf. Heavy attacks repeated over several years will cause […]

Emerald Ash Borer

You may have started hearing about the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), and its dramatic effects on the population of ash trees in the East – especially Ontario and Michigan. EAB as of yet has not been observed west of Sault Ste. Marie, however pest strategies are being developed to deal with this especially lethal pest. […]

Pesticide Regulation in Alberta

The Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (E.P.E.A.) controls the sale, use, application, handling, storage, transport and disposal of pesticides in Alberta. E.P.E.A. contains the following regulations specific to pesticides: Pesticide (Ministerial) Regulation; Pesticide Sales, Handling, Use and Application Regulation; Environmental Code of Practice for Pesticides. Under Alberta legislation, the federal classes of pesticides (identified on […]

How to Identify Insects and Disease in Plants

To correctly diagnose the problem, a careful examination of the situation must be taken. Accurately identify the plant. Some insects and diseases are plant-specific, so this will help narrow the possibilities. Look for a pattern of abnormality. Compare the affected plant with those on site, especially of the same species. Differences in color or growth […]