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In pursuit of the picture perfect lawn? Look no further as we have large quantities of fresh sod daily. Come on down for pick-up or arrange delivery of the best turf blend for our climate!



90% Kentucky Bluegrass Mix.  Each Roll is 2’x5′ (10 sq.ft.) with a full pallet holding 70 rolls.  (Available at Landscape Centre or Tree Farm).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my new lawn have mushrooms in it?

Mushrooms are caused by the right combination of water, temperature, and humidity. They need constant moisture and often appear due to the frequent watering needed by new sod. As you reduce your watering once the sod is established, the mushrooms will go away. They will not damage your lawn. Just mow them off and reduce your irrigation so that your lawn can dry off between waterings.


How many rolls of Sod will I need for my yard?

The first thing to do is measure the length and width of the area you wish to cover with sod (in square feet). You may find it necessary to separate your yard into smaller, simple geometric shapes to assist in your

how to measure for sod

measurements. After calculating the total area in square feet, divide by 10. This will give you the number of rolls of sod you will need. If you prefer to calculate in square metres, one square metre is equivalent to 10.76 square feet. Add 10% of the total for cutting around beds and mistakes.

We receive fresh sod each day. It is sold on a first come, first served basis. You may purchase any amount of sod by the roll, and we are available to load your vehicle. There are 70 rolls of sod per pallet and you can take the pallets with a refundable deposit. Refund will be granted with return of pallet and your receipt.

Sod can also be delivered right to your house. With an order over 1400 square feet, the delivery is free within Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Beaumont. For outlying areas additional delivery charges may apply. Call ahead to get your sod delivered.

Here at Classic Landscapes we supply the highest quality sod, available by the roll: 2ft by 5ft (10 square feet).


When should I fertilize my new sod?

A starter fertilizer can be applied directly to the soil before laying the sod. This fertilizer is high in Phosphorus (the middle number in the ratio 21-27-5) and will help in establishing the root systems. A great product for a starter fertilizer is Keg River Starter Fertilizer. A 6.5kg package of Keg River Starter Fertilizer will cover 433 square meters (4650 square feet). Be sure to use a broadcaster fertilizer spreader and to apply the fertilizer evenly, as opposed to a ‘drop’ spreader type which can result in uneven distribution. (Follow the directions on the package).

After about four to six weeks, you can start a regular fertilizing program with a product that has a higher Nitrogen ratio (the first number in the ratio), such as Keg River Ultra Lawn Food (29-4-6). This type of fertilizer will help your lawn in a number of ways:

  •  promote a lush green lawn,
  •  it is formulated to prevent surge growth and burning of grass
  •  it is enhanced with micro-nutrients to provide a healthier lawn
  • -it also provides growth from the roots up.

This 8kg package will cover 465 square meters (5000 square feet). Continue this program until mid August.

In September an application can be done of high potassium fertilizer (12-8-16) to help prepare your lawn for the winter months.

Come and visit us at the Garden Centre for fertilizer selection!


When should I water new sod?

As a rule of thumb everyday the first week, every second day the second week and every third day the third week. Light rain is not enough to support sod.

It is better to water early in the morning or in the evening. If finished sodding mid-day don’t wait until evening to water. Roll then water the sod as soon as it is finished being layed.

Water lightly and for a long time (deep watering) so the water soaks in and doesn’t run off.

Do I need to roll my sod?

Once the sod has been installed, it has to be uniform and level. To solve any undulations and poor joints, rolling must be performed. This will also place the sod in firm contact with the topsoil and starter fertilizer, facilitating quick rooting. Water the sod after rolling.

At Classic Landscapes we rent rollers by the day, at a great price!

What are the best techniques for laying sod?

Here are a couple of reminders when laying sod:sod 2

  • The top grade should be without bumps and holes.
  • The joints of the sod should always be staggered.
  • The sod pieces should be placed close together, but not overlapping.
  • If possible start the sodding at a solid straight edge (house, sidewalk), this facilitates straight lines throughout the project.
  • Use a sharp sod knife to cut the sod as needed.
  • Keep the sod moist at all times.

At Classic Landscape Supplies we sell everything you need for sod installation, including a daily fresh supply of sod, rooting fertilizer, sod knives, and lawn roller rentals!

When should I mow new sod?

You can mow new sod as soon as the roots start to grow or when it is anchored to the ground, so that it won’t lift up. Do not remove more than 1/3 of the blade of grass at one cutting. It is better to mow more frequently to get to the desired height, than to remove too much at one time.

It is also important to keep new sod a bit longer in length until the roots become more established. This will allow the grass to focus on root development, rather than recovering from a cutting. Keeping the grass longer will also help to keep the sod from drying out as fast.

A good grass height is 3 inches. This length helps to reduce evaporation and is a healthy height for residential lawns.