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Growing Supplies

Fertilizers, tools, soils and more! We'll supply you with everything you'll need to starting growing!

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Good soil is the essence of a healthy indoor plant. Soil that is full of nutrients and drains properly gives plants the best possible growing medium. We stock a wide selection of potting mix for growing plants: tropical mix; cactus & succulent soil; African Violet soil; medium for seeds and cuttings; and orchid media.

Alberta has a huge variety of potential pests that can damage your plants and home. We have all the solutions you'll need to prevent that from happening. Whether its mealy bug, apple maggots, various fungi, or even deer: we'll help you through them all.

We carry an assortment of fertilizers, both organic and synthetic, that can address your plant and soil needs, for indoor or outdoor plants. Naturally sourced, minimally processed organic fertilizers and brand-name, macro-nutrient synthetic fertilizers, whichever works for your best needs.

Start your own garden from scratch with a huge variety of seeds and bulbs from some of Canada's most reliable brands.

Want to start growing but don't have the materials to get started or want to expand your growing hobby with more infrastructure, have us help you with both! We also have full spectrum grow lights, so you can grow in any home.

Tools galore! For all of your gardening needs and more! Garden tools to enhance your green thumb. Novice to expert, we provide your with all the tools to enhance and improve the health of plants, trees, and shrubs. We're also one of Edmonton's certified STIHL's certified electric tools dealer!

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