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Landscaping Supplies

Get all the supplies for your next landscaping project all in one easy place for pickup or delivery.

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Classic Bulk Products   

We have a wide variety of top quality mulches that are perfect for adorning your garden beds and newly planted trees and shrubs.

Whether you’re looking for plain, black topsoil, or one of Classic’s special #1 Mix or Garden Mix, we have them all here. We even have City of Edmonton compost!

We have all the sand and gravel for your landscaping and gardening needs including ¾” Road Crush, Concrete Sand, and Garden Sand.

We have over 20 types and sizes of decorative and utility rock to fulfill all your landscaping needs.


Small but simple, our selection of Belgard pavers and edgers are perfect for an hardscape installation of any size.

Larger and luxurious, our Belgard slabs are perfect for creating any walkway or patio space that will look beautiful and work for decades to come.

Create stylish and functional retaining and garden walls to make your landscape feel truly yours.

Sod & Artificial Turf

Get the greenest of grasses, whether its natural, farm grown Manderley sod, or forever perfect artificial turf and the the supplies and products to make installation and maintenance on your own a breeze.

Project Supplies

Start your projects off right with high quality landscaping fabric to ensure that none of your installations will be bothered by weeds.

Create lasting boundaries between your rocks, mulch, and grass, or hold your pavers together easily with our selection of metal and PVC edgers and associated stakes.

More products and categories coming soon!

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