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Plants are the perfect addition for any space, indoor or outdoor. Trust Classic to be your plant matchmaker.

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Outdoor Plants

More information coming soon for Classic Trees online!

More information coming soon for Classic Shrubs online!

Enjoy all your favourite annual flowers, herbs, and vegetables. More information coming soon for Classic Annuals online!.

Hops, grapes, and other ground cover perennials! More information coming soon for Classic Perennials online!

Indoor Plants

No pots or soil needed for these plants! Perfect for terrariums or hanging decorations.

Bonsai isn't a specific plant, but a way to grow and shape miniature trees. Get yours with a unique look and care today.

Characterized by the spines, cacti will spruce up any home.

Feed me, Seymour! Known for their ability to get nutrients from insects, carnivorous plants are perfect for expanding or starting a plant collection

Beautiful massive foliage with no flowers, all you'll ever see out of these plants are their green leaves.

Enjoy plants that can grow to have huge leaves, and beautiful flowers once their find their forever home.

Low maintenance and easy to care for, succulents are the perfect plant for warm homes and first-time plant owners.

Get the best of the greenery of indoor plants with beautiful flowers.

Start creating or get your own terrarium and all the gear you'll need to maintain it.

Everything you'll need in order to create beautiful and long-lasting terrariums.

Get the best for your plants with indoor specific soils and fertilizers.

More products and categories coming soon!

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