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We provide you with fully trained Certified Arborists to maintain your trees and shrubs.

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Your Trusted Partner for Professional Tree Care Services in Edmonton!

At Classic, we understand the importance of proper tree care to ensure the health, vitality, and beauty of your landscape. With our expertise in tree care, including proper pruning, pest control, and disease management, we are committed to preserving the natural beauty of your trees while promoting their long-term health and sustainability.

More About Our Tree Pruning Services

Our Services:
  • Proper Pruning: Proper pruning is essential for maintaining the structural integrity, appearance, and health of your trees. Our certified arborists are trained in industry-best practices for tree pruning, including selective branch removal, crown thinning, and deadwood removal. We carefully assess each tree's unique needs and prune accordingly to promote healthy growth and reduce the risk of disease and structural failure.
  • Pest Control: Protecting your trees from damaging pests is crucial for their overall health and vitality. Our team is skilled in identifying common tree pests and implementing effective pest control strategies to mitigate infestations. Whether it's treating for aphids, scale insects, or borers, we use environmentally friendly methods to preserve the health of your trees while minimizing harm to beneficial insects and wildlife.
  • Disease Management: Trees are susceptible to a variety of diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Our arborists are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of common tree diseases, such as root rot, leaf spot, and canker diseases. We develop tailored disease management plans to prevent the spread of disease and restore the health of affected trees through proper pruning, fungicide treatments, and cultural practices.
  • Tree Health Assessments: As part of our comprehensive tree care services, we conduct thorough tree health assessments to evaluate the overall condition of your trees. Our arborists assess factors such as tree structure, foliage density, and root health to identify any signs of stress, disease, or pest infestation. We provide detailed recommendations for tree care and maintenance to promote the long-term health and vitality of your trees.

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Full Service Personalized Experience


A Higher Standard of Care


The Safe Choice

With years of experience in the industry, our team of certified arborists possesses the knowledge and expertise to handle tree removal and maintenance projects of any size or complexity. You can trust us to deliver professional and reliable service that meets your needs.

At Classic, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and exceeding our customers' expectations. From prompt scheduling to thorough cleanup, we strive to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We value open communication and collaboration with our customers. We work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring that we deliver top quality results.

Safety is our top priority. Our team follows strict safety protocols and uses advanced equipment to ensure the safety of our crew, your property, and the surrounding environment throughout the tree removal process.

Envirocare / Pest & Disease Management
Call us to have your trees and shrubs inspected regularly for pests and diseases. We will only provide treatment when it is
completely necessary with environmentally friendly products. Some companies will spray trees over and over again without
checking pest populations first. We perform inspection and treatment. We believe in being PROACTIVE by
keeping trees and shrubs healthy by proper fertilizing and watering. A healthy plant resists pests and diseases much better
than an unhealthy one.

The very best treatment is preventative maintenance and selecting the right tree for the right location at the time of planting.

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