Cyclamen persicum 4"

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Light: Bright light, out of direct sun.

Water: Place pots in deep saucers and water plentifully from the bottom when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch. Do not get water on the foliage, or allow these plants to sit in water for more than an hour or two. Avoif getting water in the crown or on the tuber.

Fertilizer: Apply a high phosphorus fertilizer when buds begin to appear and start blooming.

Temperature: 12-18°C is the warmest temperature for long lasting blooms in a cool and moist atmosphere to keep flowers fresh.

Tips: Remove spent flowers and leaves by twisting the stem and pulling sharply. It is important to remove the entire stem to prevent crown rot.

Toxicity: Toxic to humans, toxic to pets

Healthy tubers can be stored in their pots in a dark, cool, dry place after all of the leaves have shriveled and been removed. Do not bother to store mushy or shriveled tubers. When new growth appears, usually within 8-12 weeks, bring the pot into brighter light; replace the soil with a fresh mix and water sparingly until flower buds appear. When a few leaves have reached mature size begin the fertilize, and treat like a mature plant. Flowers usually last for 2-3 months with good care and a cool location.

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