Tropical Pitcher Plant 3.5"

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The Genus Nepenthes is one of the most fascinating of all carnivorous plants, and is a favourite among carnivorous plant enthusiasts.

Light: These plants can tolerate a wide range of light depending on the plant size and temperature. They can be grown successfully in the home in bright light and outside of direct sun.

Water: Water Nepenthes from above and let the excess water drain away. Water heavily and thoroughly. Tap water contains too many minerals for these plants, so it is essential to use reverse osmosis, distilled or rain water.

Temperature: In general, they thrive when in temperatures around 22-25°C.

Tips: These are vigorous, climbing vines, and will need to be cut back from time to time to keep them manageable. They are very adept in catching insects on their own. If your plant is growing in an enclosed terrarium, it is alright to give it a couple of insects or mealworms every month. Live insects are preferred as the struggling insects stimulate the digestion process.

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